Paradoxes explain everything


Paradoxes explain everything

That guy looks exactly like a villain named El Macho. From about twenty years ago. A flashback reveals El Macho, twenty years ago;voice-over. He was ruthless,… Macho empties a bottle of tequila into a glass and smashes it over his head] he was dangerous… El Macho squeezes a rattlesnake’s venom out of his fangs, filling his glass and as the name implies El Macho simply eats his glass very macho! El Macho pins his money to the bar with the rattlesnake’s fangs and leaves through the wall] He had the reputation of committing heists using only his bare hands! [El Macho stops a cargo truck with his head, then punches the driver out] But sadly, like all the greats, El Macho was gone too soon. He died in the most macho way possible: riding a shark with 250 pounds of dynamite strapped to his chest into the mouth of an active volcano! It was glorious!

Yeah, sounds like El Macho’s pretty dead…  They never found the body. Oh no. All that was ever retrieved was a pile of singed chest hair. But that face! It has got to be El Macho! Lucy: So what do you say you and I break into his restaurant? Tonight?

Yes, that’s good, because I’m telling you, if anyone in this place holds the PX-41 serum, points to Eduardo it’s him.

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